Oh swear word

I am not a morning person. Never have been. Never will be. Have I gotten up early for jobs and things? Yes. Did I ever once enjoy it? No. 

Now, if you follow me on Facebook, you know the story, but if not, here goes. 

I do not consider myself a morning or night person. I am more of a "up with the sun" type person. This makes it especially difficult in Ohio in the winter. Anywho, Ben gets up for work at 5. Yuck. Usually that also means the dogs are up and as a result I am up. If it is that early, Ben has coffee going and I'm good. If we sleep in a bit, I usually wait to get coffee until it's time to feed the dogs or else Duncan (my Cairn) will stare at me with this "how dare you get something without giving me my food" look. 

Can you tell where this is going?

So today we slept in a bit and I started sewing PRIOR to coffee. Halfway along I stopped, had breakfast, made my cuppa joe and proceeded to sew. 

I was finishing up some blocks from yesterday and I had a plan. I did. Without coffee, I don't know where that plan went. I completely veered off course and now tonight I have a date with this guy:
I finished ALL of my sewing and carried it all to the ironing board. AFTER I plugged in the iron, I finally realized my mistake and I have to now rip out about half of what I sewed this morning. And again I repeat, oh swear word. 

After (yes AFTER) I am done I may console myself with an adult beverage. Not before, this issue doesn't need to get any worse. 

So what's your oh swear word sewing moment?


  1. Mine was when I realized all the 2" squares that were sewn into 4 patches and 2" stitch and flip corner squares (on 4.5" on snowball blocks) were supposed to be 2.5" but had been misprinted in the pattern. I realized this when I tried to sew a 4 patch and a snowball block together and they were not the same size.... The quilt was ready to be assembled... and then it wasn't. NOTHING was salvageable - at least not for this particular project.

  2. Mine was after I put two (2!!) outside borders on a quilt top and hung it up to photograph. I discovered that the last row of blocks was upside down. If I remember correctly, there were several swear words involved!

  3. The first time I used spray adhesive was a disaster. Somehow, operator error of course, the backing folded over and I wound up with a huge flap quilted into the backside of the quilt I think I invented a few new swear words that day and may have consumed an adult beverage or two.


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