Quilt Along Progress

I'm not nearly as far as I wanted to be right now, but I'm not doing too shabby either.
 Now, for this as well as any quilt I plan to make using my stash (or not using the fabric requirements given) I grab my pad of paper and figure out exactly how many pieces I need.
 Then as I'm cutting I mark them off (it takes a bit more time, but it helps to keep it organized and keeps from having too few pieces when I'm nearing the end of the quilt. That is not when you want to cut more).
 Since i had so many of these and they're so small, all of the 1-1/2" squares went into these bins...
And the rest of the fabrics got stacked onto my handy dandy cork board. Seriously. Got get yourself one. Like yesterday. We got this for who knows what reason and instead of throwing it away, I took the hardware off the back and started using it to take my pieces from the machine to the ironing board. They don't slip, it's a nice size (probably 12" x 18") and if I ever need to mark anything, it's big enough that I can sit in the chair and watch TV while marking and the pieces stay right where they need to be.

I've gotten some of the four patches made, the nine patches are next and soon I should have pieces to make a block or 20! I'm loving the colors and had a blast going through my stash to add character to this quilt. I'll keep you updated as I get more done!

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