Juxtaposition Quilt Part 2

So, thinking of how to do the quilting was different for this one, but the quilt was much different so it all worked out I guess. Here's how I wrapped my brain around it and made it happen:
 For this quilt I made a map. I wanted a plan of what designs to do and I didn't want any that were similar to be close together. It sat right next to me as I was working to keep me on track. I also planned for the colors that wouldn't show the quilting as much and made those areas a bit less dramatic (or that was the plan)
 Some of the designs morphed a tiny bit from the plan, but once you get working and realize the actual scale of the block vs. a drawing, it happens. Next step was to crank the music and relax!
 Each circle began with the quilted circle. These were all the same size and centered in the block.
 In order to do this and make them perfect, I kinda cheated, but not really. Gammill has this work table that can help you create different designs including circles. I just anchored the guide in the size I wanted and followed along until the circle was done. (Granted everything was lined up and locked in place too, but why have I not used this before?!)
 Once the circle was done, I removed the guide from the work table and quilted the feathers on the outside. (Sorry it's a different block, but I got so excited that I forgot to take a picture...)
Then I went back to the map and followed it to quilt the center of each block. If any changes were made, it was just slight so the mix of designs was still well balanced. Some designs like this one, required additional markings to keep it even, and for those I used a chalk pen (it showed up on the fabrics the best).

And after jamming to some pretty awesome music and MANY pictures, the quilt was done. Easy peasy! Seriously, look into some of the tools out there to make your quilting life easier. I don't know why it took me so long to play with these! Next step, rulers (honestly, I've never used them, I free hand everything)


  1. I love rulers!!! They are so much fun and the designs you can make when you just use a part of the ruler help to keep things different and unique! Just love this quilt...your quilting puts it over the top!!

  2. WOW! Your quilting is just amazing! Love it!
    It was a great idea to use the work table. I usually rent a HQ Avante, so not sure if that has similar feature or not.


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