Weekend Altered

I write this today from my claimed spot on the couch. Not by choice, but by necessity. I woke up early this morning with my costochondritis flaring up (chest pains basically) which leaves me on my back on the couch. 

The worst part is I can't really do anything but catch up on my DVR. I would love to be able to do handwork but it puts too much stress on my back and chest and that's no good. 

So I hope you're having a wonderfully productive weekend and I'll catch up later this week! For now, this is it for me: 


  1. Oh, no...how scary! Take it easy and take care of yourself :)

  2. Take care and rest. When you need a change of pace you can watch U-tube. There is really some good things in amongst the rest. You can even take a video trip and watch the sites, or walk through gardens or watch a training video. All from your quiet nest at home. Get well soon!

  3. Hope you are getting much needed rest and that you feel better soon. That sounds real scary.


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