Fair food anyone?

It's that time of year for all of the county fairs in the area and Ben and I headed to our county fair last weekend to see my nephew in his first year of 4H and get our fill of fair food.
 Our first matter of affairs was finding our nephew and his pig. Well we found his pig, Oinkers.
 We were disturbing Oinkers sleep and it started pawing at it's bowl...
 Until it flipped it over...
 And could finally get some rest!
 But then later we found her sleeping peacefully like this. Still no sign of our nephew so we called to find them and here they just finished their overnight barn duty and were home sleeping. :( Oh well, it was nice to be out enjoying the fair.
 We looked at the other pigs and it cracks me up how many of them sleep with their nose shoved in between the pen bars.
 Then I saw the cutest little cowgirl all dressed up and ready to show her miniature donkey! This was the cutest thing ever!
 Then we checked out the chickens and I saw more unusual colors and features than I ever knew existed!

 There were some "normal" looking ones...
 And then there were some "not-so-normal" looking ones...

 And this last one fell asleep over it's food... I had to take a picture!
 The bunnies were adorable as usual!

And this fuzzy behemoth was one of the largest Angora rabbits I saw at the fair. I know you're thinking it, I did to - IT'S SO FLUFFY!!! Gotta love Despicable Me!

So we walked around our little fair and had the good food on our way out before heading home. Their milkshakes are the best and you can't leave without getting some fair fries if you ask me. It was a nice day and I had so much fun. What's your go to fair food?

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