Summer Rain Brings Pretty Flowers

It seems like every year I try to put in flowers we get the most horrible weather and they barely survive if at all. Well, last year I put in a small hydrangea bush and then it was 90+ degrees for what seemed like forever. Even with watering it everyday, it just wasn't enough and it didn't look like it made it through the winter.
 Well, I was wrong and it seems to be thriving in this mild heat with plenty of rain and humidity!
 The color seems to change every week or so, right now it's a bit more magenta than lilac.
 Plus it seems to have doubled in size over the last week or so. This is an ever after hydrangea so it's supposed to bloom over and over again all year long (til winter hits atleast!)
Plus I love this time of year because my stargazer lilies are starting to bloom! I swear I have close to 100 blooms this year and I'm afraid I'll miss the peak of them while I'm in Holmes County the next few days for the MAAFRA Fabric Show, but I'll snap some pictures and share those too!

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  1. These are just beautiful hydrangeas. I love the colors.


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