New Sewline Tool!

Well, it's not so much a tool as a treat. 
As one of my demos at this years Holmes County Fabric Show, I was given this to try. It's no secret that fabric dries our your hands. Sewline has come up with this Cuticle Oil Pen to help with just that. 

On this hand I haven't used it yet:
And on this hand I have:
Big difference! It is a brush tipped pen that has a clicker at the opposite end, when you need more oil, just give it a click and you're all set!

This is the perfect thing for me since my hands dry out easily, even this time of year. It was so nice to get especially after hand quilting like mad for the last week or so. 

You'll start to see these in shops in the near future. Grab one for you, a friend, everyone you know. They're great and you'll love them as much as I do! Plus, they make a great gift!


  1. Tell your Mom that I need a couple of those!!!

  2. Looks like a really good idea. I need one. I wonder who will stock them in NZ?


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