Retreat Update

Working today on some more new things, but we just got back from our lunch/dinner break over in Berlin. (I say lunch/dinner because we have a big breakfast and a late lunch so we can sew more!)

The weather here is wonderful and these clouds are amazing. It made the drive to Berlin so nice. We ate at Boyd & Wurthman (which I highly recommend) and after dinner we walked a couple doors down to the Country Craft Cupboard where I saw this:
It's the first time I have seen my book in another quilt shop! We have been traveling so much that we haven't had much fun shopping time, but we made time for it today! It made my day! Well that and the amazing food in this region, but I digress...

I'll show you my projects later!

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  1. Love, love, love Berlin! Enjoy! And you may want to go to Miller's Dry Goods over in Charm...one of my favorite quilt shops. :)


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