Machine Quilting: Ocean Babies

Gail brought me these quilts that she's making for a friend's growing family. She did a great job and used amazing fabrics in each quilt.
 This first quilt is proof that you don't need to be complex to look good. This quilt is simple and lets the fun fabrics take the main stage. This is a great pattern for a great focus fabric if you can find one in the right theme for the nursery.
 With the ocean theme of the fabrics, I quilted waves all over and decided to use a white thread since the majority of the quilt was light.
 I love how when the light hits the quilt from the side, you can really see the definition in the design.
 Gail also made this version of Tiny Bits from my book, Seamingly Scrappy! I love her choice of fabrics! She used some of the same fabrics from the first quilt and added in some other prints including a University of Texas print (the mommy-to-be works at UT).
 I used the same quilting design on this quilt as well since the majority of fabrics had the ocean theme to them.
Gail had these amazing flannels to add to the back and this particular one showed of the quilting quite well!

Thanks, Gail! You did an amazing job and I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

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  1. Hello! What is the name of the pattern with the ocean theme? Thank you.


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