Holy Cow!!!

I really have to thank all of the wonderful people that I got to chat with and share ideas over the weekend during the Farmpark Show Vendor Weekend! I had such an amazing weekend and it was soooooo incredible!
I signed more books than I could have imagined and each of the trunk shows I gave during the weekend were filled with both familiar and new faces. You all made me so happy.

After all of the hard work, this weekend was just what I needed to realize the hard work is over and you all love the book as much as I do!

The best part about this weekend was chatting with brand new quilters. There were some that came with friends who quilt and are diving into this awesome world we live in, and there were some that were brave enough to come on their own and maybe even sign up for a class or two! I love talking with new quilters and watching as they learn and evolve.

I still feel like my brain is going full speed after all of the excitement from the weekend, but I have to reel it in and get settled since I'm chatting with another guild tonight :)

One sad thing I have to report is... I was sooooo busy all weekend I never had a chance to go back around and look at the quilts and take better pictures of some :( I had a very small window to get away and I used that to boost the economy and get fabrics for some new stitchery patterns that should be out soon.

Thank you all again, I had no idea of what to expect when this book finally was released and all of my expectations have been blown out of the water. I am such a happy girl and should probably go work on some new quilts now... I'll be back later once my brain stops spinning!

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