Puppy Love

I have to say that I am so happy to be on retreat, but I am missing my boys at home.
Ben is left in charge and I'm sure he'll take care of the furry boys just fine. 
 Duncan lately has been torn between his new favorite toys, both squeaky chickens...
 This look just says it all.
 Then I got too close and he took both chickens and went to hide between the recliner and the wall the rest of the day... Silly puppy.
And I even miss fighting over the blankets with this little one. He waits just until you get them warm and then he steals them. Little rascal!

We'll see what happens when I return home. I have to put my slippers up now when I'm gone or else Duncan steals them and sleeps with them under the bed until I return... Maybe he'll steal something else this time...

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