Packing for Retreat

Popping in for a quick request.

My brain is a bit fried at the moment from prepping all of my fabrics for my retreat that I need your help!

I've been cutting and cutting and I think I'm set on my projects and fabrics for retreat. The thing I'm most worried about are the other things I'll need to get through my days of sewing that I'm not thinking of.

I'm already bringing my camera and my laptop so I can blog with you while I'm gone. I have my coffee mug and my comfy shoes. I have my speaker for my iPod.

What else should I bring that I haven't mentioned or what else would you pack when you're going on retreat?

Hopefully all I'll forget is nothing, but if it must be something, let it be something I can pick up while I'm there.

Thanks for your help! Gotta pack!


  1. I don't know how you are traveling to retreat but whenever I can, I take my chair. The one from my studio. I know - it sounds bizarre but most times you go on retreat you end up sitting on a folding chair or a dining chair. It kills my back after sewing for about 3 hours. I learned years ago, take the chair. Even if people look at you like you are crazy!

  2. Don't forget the chargers for all your devices.


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