Farmpark Show Part #2

This group of quilts were just so striking, they deserved to be shown.
 This quilt is large and the coloring is spectacular!
 This quilt is interesting. Not only is the quilting gorgeous, but it looks like a wholecloth. It is, kinda. It's actually pieced, but they only used one fabric... I honestly don't know why, but hey!
 There were interesting color combinations like this quilt that mimicked the fabric colors in the stitching.
 This quilt is so large and has so much detail I'm definitely taking another look next time I'm at the show!
 Not everything is designed for technical aspect, this fun Harry Potter quilt even had the different badges for the schools appliqued in each of the corner stars.
 Linda made this quilt and what an honor for her first entry to be right in the main lobby!
 This Wedding Ring quilt was hand quilted by the talented Tina!
 Here's Mary's Glacier Star in the hallway just outside the room that holds:
 Paulette's Glacier Star. You can see both of them if you stand in the hallway and I hear many comments of how people can't believe they're the same quilt. So cool!
 Wendy made this adorable quilt for her brother and then asked for it back to hang in the show :)
 Here's my entry for the show. Now if you see it in person it doesn't hang all that well but that's because I washed it and that's fine with me. It's all crinkly and wonderful and I can't wait for it to come home. (This is my pattern Prima)
 And near my quilt was this version of my Alphabet Stitchery: Farm Animals pattern! The lady that made this stitched the embroidery and then waited to piece the blocks until she knew what kind of grandbaby she was to expect. How neat!
 Gloria pieced this Lone Star with embroidery blocks between each of the points. Her husband quilted it for her and together they are one dynamic duo.
 Ruth returned with yet again another miniature masterpiece. I really think I need to make something like this soon :) Thanks, Ruth!
 Dawn made this incredible flannel quilt that will be perfect for those cold nights on the couch!
 Marge's Glacier Star looks wonderful hanging in the show! Behind it is another Glacier Star too, but I like this one better (not that I'm biased or anything)
 Kathryn made this monster of a quilt with a technique called fracturing. She takes several of the same fabric or panel and cuts it in a certain way and places it back together giving it a unique feel. The bottom left sewing machine and the center right(ish) sewing machine panels show off her technique. If you have the time you should Google this technique, it's pretty neat!
Mary and I see eye to eye on few fabric choices as I'm a bit more reserved and she likes the brights, but I have to admit this is a wonderful quilt using my favorite color. That pop of green really ties in the border print and grounds the quilt. I love it!

So that's enough for today. I have one more post for you with quilts from the show, but there may be more in the future.

Remember that this Friday and Saturday I will be having book signings for Seamingly Scrappy at Cottonpickers Quilt Shop in Chardon, OH! Come on out and see me! I'll be there all day both days (Friday I'll be in the store and Saturday I'll be in the classroom!) Also, if you can't make it out this weekend I will be at the Farmpark Show Vendor Weekend all weekend each day from 9-5 (Friday thru Sunday March 1-3). I  will have a bunch of the quilts from the book with me and will be doing demonstrations and book signings there too! I think I need to go rest up, it's going to be a busy couple weeks!


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  2. Thanks for sharing the beautiful quilts. If I had to pick a fav it would be the blue because of the use of colour.


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