Book Quilt: Snow In June

So one of the main themes you'll find in the book are quilts that have very traditional roots with a new millennium flair. (Does that sound super dorky since we're well beyond the Y2K thing?)
Copyrighted Image Provided by Martingale, Brent Kane, Photographer

Well, Snow In June combines a snowball block and a nine-patch block in a way that looks nothing like the antique quilts many of us are used to seeing.

This quilt is fairly large and super easy to make. For my version I chose a Layer Cake of Flora by Lauren + Jessi Jung for Moda. The colors mixed so well and I love that pop of red throughout the quilt.

This quilt looks super scrappy, right? That's all thanks to the precuts! They're so great for those "grab-n-go" moments where you just want to go straight home and sew. Or if you're like me, you can just grab one off of the shelf in your sewing room. They seem to multiply sitting there!

I would love to know what fabrics you'd make this quilt out of. The name for this quilt came from the snowball blocks and the floral prints (get it, Snow In June). If I were to make this quilt again, I may try to make it in... I honestly don't know at the moment, but forgive me, I haven't had coffee yet...

Stay tuned for more quilts from the book, a scarf tutorial and more squirrel pictures! It's going to be a busy few weeks coming up, I think I need coffee now, toodles!

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  1. Hmmm, keeping with the "snow" theme, maybe some colors of the earliest flowers that bloom when the snow is still on the ground - crocus (purples, lavenders, yellows) and daffodils (yellows - even though daffs come in a bazillion colors now). Or, something with a summer feel - greens and browns to remind of the fields and forests that are full of color in the summer, maybe try to use a blue instead of a white? Or, for a Middle Eastern look, use a sandy color for the snowballs and jewel tones for the colors to remind of the screens that are so often used in Middle Eastern architechture. Ok, enough now - too much caffeine :o)


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