The Epic Duel

One of my favorite movies of all time is the Sword and the Stone by Disney. And just on a side note - at any of the Disney parks there is not one thing referencing this movie! It's horrid! Okay, back on track - so one of my favorite scenes in the movie is when Merlin and Wart are turned into squirrels:
 Just looking at this picture I can hear Merlin shouting, "Madam! MADAM!" Teeheehee. Great movie. If you haven't seen it, I urge you to find it and watch it immediately!
 So anywho, the squirrel scene from Sword and the Stone is played out in our backyard daily with our godzilla squirrels. Let me set the scene - A squirrel finds the corn cob.
 While eating, he is content and he is all by himself. It's pure squirrel bliss...
 But wait! Lurking in the distance is a possible intruder!
 At first all seems well and fine...
 But then the presence of the intruder is known!
 The intruder retreats...
 Only to try sneaking back moments later. He is hungry too, can't you see?!
 And the chase begins!
 Guarding a corn cob is a tough job.
 It's up the tree and down the tree.
But in the end you are once again alone. Just a newly replaced corn cob and a godzilla squirrel.

The End!

Welcome to mornings and afternoons in my back yard. I love these little (may be an incorrect term this year) guys.


  1. Hi Rebecca.... Love your blog.. and your designs. I wanted to say that I love the Sword in the Stone movie also, but they do have the Sword in the Stone in front of the Cinderella's Carousel. My kids try to pull the sword everytime we go. (I have five kids, and have to take five separate pictures....lol) Disney World use to through out the day pick a child to pull the sword, when it would "magically" be pulled. Disney just started this summer a new adventure "Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom" where Merlin leads participants to different portals throughout the park. My kids LOVED it! Gwen

    1. Gwen, thank you for that tidbit of info! Truly my favorite characters from the movie are Mad Madam Mim and Archimedes and I would love a figurine of one of them, but on my last search there were none to be found. However we may need to plan a trip back to Disney in the future. Thanks for the info!


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