Godzilla Squirrels

I know it sounds weird, but just look for yourself:
 Judging by the size and girth of my squirrels, this winter is going to be a humdinger. Lordy! The saddest part is I took these last week, like the beginning of November...
 I'm in awe, and a little afraid. Well, kinda. I am banking on a few good blizzards to keep me home with no excuses for a few days so I can finally attempt to organize the mess that is my sewing room.
This was a squirrel from teh same time last yeat. I know he doesn't look too much different than the pictures above, but I can assure you he's only about half the size of the squirrels running around outside right now.

Oh, and I'm pretty sure we might be planning for squirrel babies again this year because they're building up their nest in the knot in my tree quite heavily. I'll keep you posted!


  1. One of my hubby's co-workers mentioned something similar about the squirrels by us -- and my hubby was laughing about it. Judging from your photo of Mr. Godzilla -- this does not look like something to laugh about. Better follow their example and start stocking up now! :-)

  2. What a fatty! So if I have extra cush on me that just means I'm prepared for winter, right?


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