Last Cruise Port

So on our last day in port we were at St. Thomas. Ben found this amazing all-inclusive resort where you can get a day pass and enjoy all the perks of the resort. All the food and drinks you could possibly want were included.
 When we docked in St. Thomas, the view from our room on the ship was picture perfect!
 At the resort, there were several cranes flying around, but to a bunch of us they looked more like Pterodactyls!
 The lobby in the resort was gorgeous and just a hint of what was to come.
 I liken St. Thomas to a tropical West Virginia. If it's not on the top of a hill or at the bottom of a hill, it's in the hill. To get to the pool from the main lobby you go to the next building, go down 2 floors in the elevator and then go down these 99 stairs...
 The really weren't that bad though. They're gradual and it's not all a straight shot either.
 See what I mean about the hills?!
 Oh yeah, and there's a ton of iguanas roaming free around the beach and the pool...
 They're so used to people they're not bad or creepy at all, just don't try to pick one up.
 We had access to the beach...
 The pool had this amazing grotto...
 Ben was trying to get cozy with an iguana... Nice try, hun!
 But it was amazing and I would go back in a heartbeat. The food was great and the swim-up bar was fantastic! But the day came to a close and it was on the ship for two days at sea on our way back to Florida, but wait!
There's this rock in the middle of nowhere that we saw on our first day at sea back. Nothing else around for miles, just this gigantic rock.

We made it back safe and sound, just in time for the temps to dip into freezing temperatures at night and a high of around 50 during the day, but it makes those warm days that much nicer. Aaaahhhh, vacation. Now where to go next?!

I'm still getting settled in here and working on all sorts of quilts so I will have pictures to show soon!

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