Machine Quilting: The Purple Monster

I met this dear lady, Carol, through the quilt shop a few years ago. She brought me this quilt to machine quilt for her dubbed "The Purple Monster". You'll see why:

 The quilt is a whopping 104" x 115"! And full of purples galore!
 You can kinda see some of the quilting here. Carol asked for an all over leaf pattern, so I chose one that worked well with the scale of the quilt.
 I really like how the various colors and shades look with that pop of tan setting off each block.
The back was just a plain muslin, but it really shows off the detail of the quilting.

Thanks, Carol! This was a joy to quilt! Now have fun with all that binding... hehehehe


  1. OH that is a beauty. Anything with purple in it is a gem in my book.

  2. Wow! I am full of admiration and awe!

  3. I am the proud expectant mother of "The Purple Monster"! Carol is a true artist! Becky, she told me what a great quilter you are. This is proof positive. Seeing it on the Website is sort like an ultrasound to a parent to be.

    1. Oh Emma, You must be so proud! Carol did a wonderful job on the quilt and the colors are exquisite! I'd absolutely love for you to send me a picture when your 'bundle of joy' arrives safely home in it's place! -Rebecca


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