So I'm not going to give you excuses on why I haven't posted lately, just the truth. Honestly we've had the craziest weather I ever remember for this time of year. So weird that in the last week it's been over 80 degrees, we've had thunderstorms... and tonight the low is 20+ degrees.

Seriously last week I had the best of intentions of everything, but with the weird weather or something we had crazy power outages in our area. I wanted to use the long arm one day - power was out. Then I was at work - power went out so I had to stay late to catch up on all the stuff I couldn't do which = no quilting.

Then Ben and I took my parents out to dinner, went to stop by a store to get a rake for Spring cleanup (Ben broke our rake last year) and half of the store was out of power... Not this half was out and that half wasn't. Half of this section was out, some place over there had power, the gas station in the parking lot was fine, but the adjoining strip mall was even worse. Some stores only had power to the big signs out front. Some stores only had power inside. Only one store had total power. It was weird, but owell. We're driving home and all is well until we pull on our street and try to use the garage door opener about 15 times before we realize WE are out of power... Our neighbors had power, their neighbors had power. For about 4 or so streets that we could see the first 2 or 3 houses didn't have power, but the next 3 or 4 houses did, and after that everyone else towards the lake was out.

Needless to say I'm still playing catch up. Honestly I wanted to chat, but I couldn't. Now that I think the power issues are worked out, we have a bigger issue - my bulbs I planted are blooming or coming up and as I mentioned before the low tonight is 20+ and I'm afraid they might suffer, so I hurried up and took pictures while they're still pretty:
 My first Paper White bulbs... I love them and to think, tomorrow they may be gone :(
 I planted 2 different kinds of tulips that look more like peonies and they're both starting to grow, but I'm hoping they'll be okay. The front row is white...
 The second row is a dark pink... The only bulb not blooming at the moment are my Stargazer Lilies... maybe they'll be soon!
 My Japanese Maple is budding nicely, I haven't checked to see if it's grown, but I'm sure it has!
 And we have a new critter in the back yard. This small woodpecker has been raiding the squirrel nest when they're out feeding and stealing some of their nest materials. He's so little! And fast!
Just as I took the bird's picture the squirrel happened to come across this apple... (I'm guessing) and sat in a tree for about an hour and just ate and ate... They eat so much!

So, unfortunately I don't have many updates for you at the moment. hopefully later this week I will finally catch up and show you some new things. Have a great week!

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  1. I am sad about your pretty flowers that might get nipped tonight. Alot of the orchards may be in trouble too. It sure has been crazy weather. Power outages are no fun at all. Your little birdie thief is a nuthatch. I think they are pretty, don't you? Good luck tonight! It's supposed to be 25 in Amish country where I live.


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