Machine Quilting

Early last week I quilted these two quilts for Sue.
 She met me at the Shop one day and showed both of these stitchery quilts she made for a local raffle. This first Christmas quilt, she actually blended 3 quilt patterns to make this one quilt!
 I love the stitchery...
 And the fabrics she chose. One this one she wanted some key points to be quilted, but other than that, to quilt without taking away from the stitching. I think I got a mission accomplished on that one.
 This second quilt also has stitchery on it, but a completely different theme. Sue also asked the same of this quilt - she didn't care what thread or design I quilted, it just had to be done.
So I chose to quilt loops and bubbles all over the quilt playing off of the polka dot fabrics used. It also gives a lighter feel to the quilt, perfect for a kid!

Thank you so much, Sue, for letting me quilt these for you!


  1. hi, i just think the stitchery quilt is adorable. i just finished stitching all my blocks like those. i done mine in blue. i like the other blocks added. Great idea. Love reading your blog.

  2. I love both quilts they are beautiful! I really love those cornerblocks on the first one are the appli or pieced? They make the othere colors stand out.


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