Winter Entertainment: Feeding Squirrels

So, maybe you have seen some of my previous posts about the squirrels that live in the tree in my back yard. And maybe you saw that I got a corn feeder for them last year.

Well, it's official - after many months with a vacancy in the tree, we have an occupant. Just one so far - and a big one at that!

Plus, My awesome brother and his girlfriend got me a new feeder for Christmas and I'm happy to report that the squirrels LOVE IT!!!
 Just before this picture I literally watched this guy bear hug the feeder and eat off of the opposite side so no one else could get to it. Regardless that he was the only one in the yard at the time...
 This was a close hug, but the one earlier was a true bear hug. I wish I could have gotten a picture. All that moment needed was the caption, "I LOVE YOU, MAN!"
 Then he decided he needed to keep an eye out...
 But he had to snack from time to time...
They just make me giggle. I swear I waste more time watching the squirrels than anything else some days.

I truly do love watching these fuzzy ones. Especially when we had the fur babies earlier this year. They were the whole reason I named the one pattern Sciuridae - it's Latin for squirrel. Plus it sounded classier, or so I think.

Wasn't planning on posting these, but tomorrow we will be back to the regularly scheduled programming with the first part of the Back to Basics - Binding tutorials!!! I'm going to break it down into 3 parts with as many pictures and explanations as I wish I had when I learned.

There is so much about binding in particular that is left for us to figure out. Most instructions just say, cut your strips, sew them on & stitch them down - hardly sufficient if you ask me! So, join me starting tomorrow morning for 3 days of binding! See you back here then!

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  1. I love the squirrel pictures! The window in my sewing room looks into my neighbor's garage and it's not fabulous. I wish I had squirrels to check out.


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