S.N.T. (Show N Tell!)

You've all been quite patient with me and I appreciate it greatly. I had so much fun making these next batch of patterns that I got a bit carried away and instead of releasing 2 patterns initially - you got a bonus with the third.

I was just stitching and stitching and couldn't stop!!!

So, do you remember when I showed you this picture back when?
Well, this is the new Alphabet Stitchery line. When I showed this shot to you previously I only had a few designs I was planning on... but they're too cute and I kept drawing.

I now have 6 designs which include Farm:
Noah's Ark:

AND soon to come - Baby, Jungle & Aquatic! Each quilt has the same pieced blocks featuring different fabrics and 10 different stitchery blocks per quilt.

I'm working on the finishing touches to these quilts as we speak and the patterns should be ready in a couple weeks! The second batch should be ready next month!

I don't know about you but I have a TON of friends that are expecting and everyone's nursery theme is different. It was hard trying to come up with either fabric or a pattern (or both!) that reflected each theme, so I hope to ease the search with these fun designs!

Also the nice thing is that each quilt without borders measures 40" x 50" so it's small enough to snuggle with a newborn, yet big enough to grow with them throughout the toddler and little one years! They're not little for long, that's for sure!!!

I will be doing a post on each theme in the future to show off the fun characters in each quilt. I hope you enjoy theses as much as I have enjoyed creating them!

So my question for you is which one so far is your favorite and who would you make it for? Be back soon with more photos!!!

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