It's Bath Day!!!

It's me, I showered... just kidding (well, I did shower but this IS NOT a video of that!)

I know you all LOVED the video I posted before of my water-loving critter, Duncan. So, bath day was upon us and I wanted to capture on video how excited he gets for this moment EVERY SINGLE TIME!

I can't remember if I mentioned it before, but he LOVES this so much that he could care less what else is going on in the house. If I know I'll have a repairman or someone like that coming to the house where they might be in and out, carrying all sorts of tools and things - I'll put an inch or two of water in the tub and Duncan could care less who might be here... Dead serious. Like serial. Like Man Bear Pig. (sorry, inside joke, but if my Hubbin reads this or if you watch South Park you'll get it!)

Oh, and yes Duncan does hit his head occassionally on the side of the tub when he's playing and spinning and too excited. He's like a toddler, just cuddlier and fuzzier! He's fine I swear. After this video was taken I think he payed in the tub for another hour and a half before it turned from play time to bath time, and that is the part he does NOT like! I get those looks and noises like "Mom, you're ruining everything!" hehehehe

Does anyone else's animals act as crazy as mine? Hopefully we'll be getting snow soon and he loves that as much if not more, so I'll be sure to get pictures of that too!

Have a great day, hope this made you smile!


  1. I wish I enjoyed my "bath time" as much as Duncan does! Merry Christmas Lil' Beth, Ben, Duncan & Paco

  2. Too funny! Any ideas on how to get our cat to 'love' her bath?


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