Happy Days!!!

No, not the TV show! It's the week of Thanksgiving! I get to relax for a day, throw the diet completely out the window, enjoy the day with family and friends. And my favorite part... I get to make this again:
This my friends, is a Pecan Bourbon Cheesecake in all it's ooey gloriousness. It was a hit a couple Thanksgivings ago and I haven't made it since, but I'm making it this week. Along with the staple of green bean casserole and I'm going to attempt to make the Amish Stuffing I ate at Das Essenhaus this summer - it was soooo good I still drool just thinking about it. I bought the recipe book and I hope it's as yummy as I remember!

Can I tell you a secret? I LOVE to cook!!! Especially for large numbers (like more than 2 people, not 100). Thanksgiving and Holiday get-togethers let me cook and cook recipes that I don't make for only Ben and I. I get it from my Nana, what can I say?!

Over the weekend I wrapped all of the Christmas gifts we've already bought, worked on the new stitchery quilts (Yay!) and did some other stuff... I'm trying to get the housework done tomorrow so I can bake the Cheesecake Wednesday and eat on Thursday!!! I'm so close to finishing a couple of the stitchery quilt tops (can I tell you they are just so stinkin' adorable) and I'm hoping to show those off later this week. I was thinking I would get at least 1 or 2 tops done by now, but I couldn't stop stitching. They're too freakin' cute!!!

So, my question for you is: What do you like to cook for Thanksgiving or what can you not have Thanksgiving dinner without?

My Nana is so awesome and makes everyone's favorite thing (Brian's mashed potatoes, Paul's apple pie, my buttermilk rolls, etc.). We all have our favorite thing and she makes sure there's something on the table for everyone. It just makes it that much more special. She's pretty cool like that :]

So, that's it for today. I have much more wonderful and exciting news to share later this week. I can't wait to hear all about your favorite Thanksgiving foods!!! (can you tell I've been dieting for over a month now? hehehe) Later!

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