So, this post is really more for me so when it snows this weekend I have some warm thoughts to reminisce about... but you can come along for the journey!
 This beach, this chair, this drink, this sun... I miss it all already! I mean really, how can you complain sipping a mojito in 80+ degree weather on the beach?
 This resort was so beautiful. The blue tiles on this side of the pool gave the illusion of an infinity pool from the other side. Plus the colors and plants and everything about this place just screams tropical to me.
 The coolest part about the whole thing was the pool was a huge oval, and every ground room that faced the pool, you could swim right on out from your personal porch! How neat is that?!
 The sunrises were beautiful, not seeing too many of these around here these days... This was on our way into Isla Roatan. Isn't it neat how the waves created by the boat intersected with the natural waves to make almost a plaid design in the water.
Ben and I did a Dolphin Encounter in Roatan (highly recommended!) and this was our dolphin, Margarita! She was adorable and fun, we got to pet her and watch her do tricks... It was something I will never forget!

So, in a nutshell that was our vay-cay. On our way home Ben and most of our friends were trying to decide where they would like to go next. At the time the only place I wanted to go was home. I still wanted to enjoy the places we've been and the experiences we had. Now that we've been home for a bit I'm starting to entertain the idea of another vacation. I'll be even more interested in it when the ground is white and cold... But for now I'll just reminisce and think warm thoughts.

Where would you recommend to go next? I'm open for ideas!!!

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