Success!!! And a New Pattern!!!

So, it took me a bit longer than expected, but I did get all 4 quilts done!

Tuesday I got the first 3 quilts done in no time it seemed. Part of it was Mom loaded the first quilt for me so all I had to do was go in and start up the machine and quilt!
 This was made out of Lovely by the wonderful Sandy Gervais, very Happy Giddy Bliss (Hi Gayle!)
 I quilted loops and flowers all over this one...
 Then, these next 2 quilts are doubles, both out of adorable bug fabric but I quilted them differently. This first one I squiggle stippled.
 The next one I quilted loops on.
 Here's how they looked on the machine side by side. Then I had to take a small break and go play with the pups. (Or as they see it interrupt their naps).
 After a short time out I was back at it determined to finish all 4 of these quilts.... The last one started off like this.
 And I had to stop and admire the afternoon sun highlighting the quilting...
 And like that I had to stop. That's as far as I got before my chest and back said otherwise... (Still having some small pains when I do too much - or try and quilt 4 quilts in the same afternoon :] I'll never learn) So, no biggie, I figured I would be back Wednesday after work...

Well, Wednesday as I went to leave work and finish this up, a storm was rolling in and just as I was about to leave it hit - really bad. I don't know about you but I don't like to do anything with expensive electronics in a storm... no computer, no sewing machine, nada. I know insurance will replace them, but I would rather avoid that situation if at all possible...
 So, today I was able to go out and finish it and I LOVE how the quilting turned out. Now, this is the back, same principle as the Charmed Living Topper, just using Layer Cakes - so without further ado I'm pleased to introduce you to Cake Topper!
 Here's the front completely finished quilted... oh, yeah, that binding part... I made this one using Kansas Troubles Cattails and Clover that is due out in stores very soon! I hear some shops already have the precuts, which means yardage isn't far behind! I used a Bella Solid for both the border and backing, it will be the binding too. Unfortunately I don't remember the name of the color, but it's a gorgeous chocolate brown, I think it worked out well...

So Cake Topper is the latest in the Ruby Blue Pattern line, what do you think?

Oh, and just for those inquiring minds - Finishes at 59" square (perfect for these colder fall nights!) I will hopefully do a photo shoot this weekend if the weather holds out and have patterns out shortly after that! I'll keep you posted.

So, I think that was - I take that back - I know that was the most quilting I've done on the long arm in that short amount of time and I'm feeling it now, but it was sooo much fun! I love seeing the quilting design and the thread work with the fabrics and the quilt itself. I've been working really hard at the quilting element and I've been trying new designs and that's always fun.

Right now I think the quilting has been the most enjoyable part of quilting (but that's also usually because I'm alone with the music cranked up, able to listen to what I want and dance if I want to because no one else is around and I basically have a party by myself...) Yeah, I'm kinda a dork that way :]

So, that's what I've been up to this week, I'm working on making my first batch of Apple Pear Butter right now - the house smells SO GOOD! I already ate dinner and I think I might have to have dessert... That and the dogs are staring and drooling... It must smell good to them too!

So what have you been up to? Let me know what you think of the newest addition. I'd LOVE to hear what you think! Until next time!

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  1. Very nice! Sure hope you are feeling OK. Also, I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall to see you doing a little dance party by yourself. Too funny!


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