Machine Quilting

Mary Ann made this adorable Java version of Paganini by the ever so wonderful Miss Rosie...
 The pattern uses a Charm Pack and some background - AND - it has the most adorable scalloped borders. Mary Ann requested that I quilt swirls on it to mimic the coffee steam.
 If you click on the picture you can see the marks for the scallop. I can't wait to see it done completely. Mary Ann picked the blue and brown stripe to make a bias binding for this. I'll try to post pictures of it soon.

This is a sample for my Mom's Quilt Shop that she is taking with her to Quilting Around Chautauqua this weekend. I really enjoyed quilting it and will be quilting many more projects in the future, so I thought I'd start sharing the ones I can with you here. I'm actually heading out today to hopefully (crossing my fingers) quilt 4 quilts today. One more Miss Rosie pattern times 2 (one for the shop, one for a friend), A wonderful hexagon quilt, and a new one from me - a new version of the Charmed Living Topper adapted to use Layer Cakes... And made out of the new Kansas Troubles line??? Can it be true?!

I've got quite a schedule today so I'm hoping to get as much done as possible. I'll post pictures as I can. Wish me luck! Tucker and Abby are just wishing I'll quit quilting for a bit so I can give them a treat...
This is probably going to be the view from the quilting room again today! Talk to you later!

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