Little Things

I've been working on some small projects lately like this:
This is a small quilt that I used leftovers from this tutorial. I cut up all of the pieces once I had made the kid's scarves and had a bunch of them laying around. I had always intended on using these pieces to make a triple rail quilt as a side project, piecing them here and there in between making other blocks.

I started using these as my "leaders and enders" or "thread-bunny" - meaning - when I was done making blocks for another project and had to stop to press, or just stop for the day, I would normally use a scrap to run through my machine so I didn't have loose threads. It really helps when you start the next piece not having to grab the threads each time and it helps keep the tension in check overall.

So, as I was sewing along I would start putting 2 strips together and setting these aside. Typically when sewing I sew in stages - I cut alot, I piece alot, then I press alot. I think it makes it go faster overall. So, when I would get to a bunch of pressing I would press the triple rail pieces too.

Before you knew it I had a bunch of blocks that I "wasn't even trying" to make!  When all was said and done I had 34 blocks and 1 strip left. I went through my stash and cut up 2 more strips from similar fabrics to make 35 blocks.

I started putting the blocks together just as you normally would... and it was boring - honestly. This fabric is fun and exciting. It needed a but of jazz or something. So I took apart the couple blocks I had sewn together and went back to my ironing board.

I spritzed each block with Best Press spray and pressed them until dry and crisp. I took one of my smaller rulers and laid it on each block at an angle cutting the 6.5" squares down to 5.5". Then I started sewing these blocks back together for a "modern" triple rail quilt.

So what do you think? I'll be quilting this quilt later this week and I'm hoping to finish my Challenge Quilt later today too so it can get quilted this week as well. I will be back later to show you pictures of the quilting!!!

Don't forget that if you live near the Northeast Ohio Area, this quilt will be FOR SALE as well as a Queen Size Quilt raffle at the Wildwood Quilt Guild Show in Mentor, OH the beginning of November. It's only a 1 day show, there will be several vendors for shopping, goodies to munch on, and quilts for purchase! Also, the chance to win a Queen Size Quilt!!! (You do not need to be present to win) I will post more information once we get closer to the date! Hope to see you there!

Gotta go quilt! I'm so close to finishing this Challenge Quilt! I hope you'll like it!


  1. Looking forward to seeing your Challenge Quilt!

  2. Hi Becky! Looks like another winner. On a different note, just want to let you know that I have moved to Florida (last week), I e-mailed your mom. Sorry I didn't get to see you and your mom before I left. But, at least I can still see what you're up to! Thankfully, I am very, very close to a quilt shop here. I will let them know that they definitely need to get your patterns. Take care, Sandy G.


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