Frozen In

I would say snowed in, but that just doesn't suffice. In the last 24 hours we've had the 10" or snow already on the ground rained on, followed by freezing rain, followed by warmer temperatures to let everything melt just enough, so then when the temperatures dropped and the snow returned we now have a snow and ice lasagna of sorts. Snow doesn't scare me, ice does. So therefore I stayed home today and quilted all day! Not bad for an impromptu day off.

Oh, and before I forget the other night my very first ever roasted chicken was perfect! I even have a picture.
I'm definitely doing that again. I love roasting all sorts of things, mainly potatoes, asparagus (very yummy), london broil, okay now I'm drooling so I have to change the subject.

I'm hoping the weather will break long enough tomorrow so I can have a girl's day out with my S-I-L. It's long overdue. Oh, and I'm planning on making Roman Shades for my kitchen tomorrow. Wish me luck and I'll be sure to show pictures. If it goes well enough I'll do a tutorial on it in the future.

Can't wait to show you more, soon enough I promise!


  1. Roasting chicken is awesome! Don't forget to make soup from the carcass.

  2. that looks so yummy. my boys would love it. this weather is something else right now. be safe.


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