So, have you gone and checked out the Progressive Dinner Moda Bake Shop is hosting? So far it's looking quite yummy, I can't wait to get my hands on one of those books! For a complete list of the participating designers and the days they "host" the dinner, head on over to the Moda Bake Shop.

Speaking of which, I just received the fabric for my next Moda Bake Shop project. I'll keep you posted on it's progress! Have you seen the new fabric lines Moda is coming out with? Too many projects and too little time, that's for sure! (You can find the new fabrics by going to unitednotions.com, mouse over Fabric and click on Browse our Products, and then click on Future Groups) The Christmas and Halloween fabrics have just been posted! Start planning now - or completely ignore that last comment, Christmas what?!

It's still winter here and yes it's still snowing. So how do I pass the time? I can assure you not in the snow anymore than I can help! Lately I've picked up rug hooking after my dear friend and my Mom brought me to the "dark side". (Insert Star Wars music here) My friend Donna is the wonderful brain behind Crows on the Ledge Wool Studio. She designs rugs and also hand-dyes the wools that she offers. She teaches classes at Mom's Quilt Shop and they have been trying conspiring to get me into rug hooking for a while now.

 After staring at this partially finished rug for (well, we just won't go there) let's say a while, I was caught in a weak moment and was determined to finish it. Needless to say I'm enjoying it and I think I'm in trouble now. Gosh darn you Donna! Head on over to Donna's website by clicking here. She has some awesome things and she custom dyes wool, much of which I know might find it's way to my house sooner than later.
 Since it's snowing Duncan has been particularly slow outside. He just likes to take his time, investigate whatever he can, and find any other excuse to stay outside a bit longer. I would love to let him play outside more, but it's just too cold out. He's the type that would be shivering out of his bones before he'd quit playing.
And then there's Paco, love this little guy too, but he likes to be indoors as much as Duncan likes to be out. And he wiggles so much this is the best picture I can get of him. I finally figured out how to download the pictures off of my new camera, I think they're pretty good.

That's about it for now, not much else going on, just been working too much. I started a diet (like many people I know) and I'm determined to find a "healthier" dessert to share with all of you that still is full of flavor. I'm on the hunt and once I find it and test it out, I'll share it with you. Got a hot date with my sewing machine, so we'll chat more later!

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  1. It is good to get back to a project you started a long time ago---you loved it enough in the begining, so it must be right for you.


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