Snow Belt in December

I live just outside of the "Snowbelt" in Ohio by a few miles due to the fact I live so close to Lake Erie. The Lake holds this little protective bubble above my house and most of the snow travels about 12 miles south and piles up and up and up. Unfortunately I now work in the "Snowbelt" but I grew up there so I'm used to it.

This is the view I normally would have on a typical day at work (this was taken a few months ago). High visibility, big distances between my desk and that ridge just behind all of those trucks...
And this was the same view from my desk on Monday. All day...
The truly sad part of this all is it's technically not even winter yet. I think photos like the one above are one of the main reasons I quilt. How can you stare at that all day and then have to go out in it and not immediately want to go home and curl up underneath a warm quilt?

I'm not sure what the weather is like where you live, but be safe, stay warm (or cool depending on your weather) and if you have to drive in the "White Stuff" take your time.

I have finally gotten all of my Christmas presents done, I think... (there's always one that I forget about til the last moment) and I'm still working on hand quilting. With Lake Effect, Alberta Clippers, Panhandle Hooks, and any other snow term they keep throwing around on the forecast, I'm planning on staying in as much as possible and just quilting and catching up on the DVR.

Hope you have a wonderful day and I'm off to go shopping for some additions I need for my next Moda Bake Shop project. More on that later!

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  1. This has been a good one for us too. We just never know what to expect being on the southern tip of the snowbelt. Hope you stay safe and warm.


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