Pictures as promised...

Here are some of the other pictures I took that didn't make the cut. I had a blast taking some of them at my friend Donna's house in her garden with her awesome red rocking chair. The lighting was perfect, I don't get it, but the quilt was overexposed.

So we tried again so this is my wonderful sleigh bed that I love and my chest of drawers in the next pictures.

Word to the wise next time you think about buying a sleigh bed or other bed with a large head/footboard - find somebody you know with a similar style bed and try to put sheets on it before you buy it. It's a bit more challenging than you might think.

Sometimes it's hard to pick just one or a couple pictures to show off the quilt in a way that will showcase it's greatest features. A picture will not do a quilt justice about 98% of the time, but it's fun to try different layouts and props and see what will emerge. (Like a crazy dog who decides to lay on the quilt as you're attempting to take pictures of it)

Once again, don't forget to enter the drawing in the post Give Away (click here to go straight to the Give Away), you have until Friday night! Keep entering and don't be shy of who inspires you. I have read all the entries this far and am becoming inspired myself by a few names I was not familiar with. Isn't it just wonderful we all love similar things but can have our own style or flavor that makes us unique?

I'm off to go quilt myself and get something accomplished tonight, until next time!

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