The latest pattern, Candy-Coated Dreams is officially in printer land and will be ready in the near future for you to purchase and enjoy. As promised here is a snapshot of the front of the quilt (you all have been so patient!). The colors are all inspired by that great focal print from the good people over at Michael Miller Fabrics. Everything that coordinated with this line was golden in my book.

I will let you all know when it is ready to ship, but until then, it will be here on the blog for your viewing pleasure 31 (sorry, I've been watching Two and a Half Men. This was Jake's idea instead of 24/7 - 24+7=31. This one stuck with me for my own personal comic humor)

This morning my husband and I did something a little crazy and purchased this brand spanking new beauty. She's new, fun, and green! With all of the 54 miles on her at the moment, I hope we have a good and long lasting relationship.

Other than that in the other realms of the quilting world I was reading a bunch of blogs yesterday and just messing around online while I was at work (ssshhhhh, don't tell my boss!) and found this take on my Moda Bake Shop project from last month. This is obviously a translation of a translation possibly of yet another translation. I couldn't stop laughing at it. The original wording from me went like this:

Hi all! I'm Rebecca Silbaugh from Ruby Blue Quilting Studio. I'm pleased to introduce you to my Charmed Living Runner design. This is my first project for the Moda Bake Shop (Thanks Moda!) and I could be more excited to share it with you. It's a great project to make for you or as a gift. With the variety of charm packs available, you can make this out of any fabric and it will look spectacular. Also included are optional applique instructions. Feel free to change the applique to suit your fabrics or leave it out entirely.

However the translation of it I found went a little like this: (nothing like I had imagined)

Hello everyone! I'm Rebecca Silbaugh Ruby Discouragement Patchwork Studio. I'm on the moon you up my life purpose Hales protected. This is my first occupation for cooking Look for Moda (Moda Thanks!) And I could be more frenetic cut it with you. It's a noble take to one's heels for you or as a gift. With the kind of sophistication to the packages' you can see the view on any fabric and it will look spectacular. Also included are instructions discretion applied. Do you want to spend the freed applies to your fabrics or appropriate permanently retired. La Moda Leather Inform on allocation Moda Fabrics which provides recipes online that you can use with the line Moda spacious pre-cuts. All sizes and types of projects will be presented by various designers and boutiques. Tutorials Projects Moda many cards will be illustrated with photographs withdraw care. Some techniques and products will also be presented throughout, often so slow to what is "cooked" by Moda Fabrics.

My first question is - Ruby Discouragement Patchwork Studio? The more I read the more I giggled. Now it has turned into a huge joke and I hope you get a chuckle out of it as well. You truly never know what you are going to find online, that's for sure.

The last thing I have to show you is a small sneak peek into what's been cooking for my next Moda Bake Shop project. This is all I have to show for now, but the tutorial will be posted in the near future. I will keep you updated on that as well. I think that's everything. Keep on sewing, keep getting inspired and remember to giggle along the way, even if it is at yourself through the eyes of some translator. I'm off to cook dinner, so until next time, tata!

Oh, one other small thing. I had gotten some questions on my brownies that I had baked. Here's the condensed version. They were the Ghiardelli Caramel Turtle mix found at my local Giant Eagle. Yes that is a silicone pan. Yes I like it but it is a bit wobbly with the bigger pans unless you use another cookie sheet as I do most of the time. I will warn that the cooking times can vary from using other pans, for baking these brownies it was pretty close to the metal pan time on the recipe, however I have made banana bread in silicone bread pans and they seem to take at least 10 more minutes in these than a typical glass pan would. Each is different and with any baking it's best to keep an eye on it anyways. The only downfall I have is some pans do not have rounded corners and make it impossible to get all the gunk out when you're cleaning them (if you have ever baked anything in a perfectly square pan with square corners, you know what I'm talking about). Other than that, they're great! Alright, now I'm really off to cook dinner!


  1. Your work is absolutely beautiful. I am just about to dip my toe into the world of quilting and will aspire to make my creation as wonderful as yours -- in about 20 year. lINDA

  2. LOL, I love that translation. Especially the 'Discouragement Patchwork Studio'. How funny!

  3. Bravo! Another must have pattern from Dear Ruby Blue! I can't keep up, but, I love trying. Congrats on the new ride. Sandy


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