Weekend Madness

This weekend if nothing else has been completely exhausting (which is a good thing). It has been great sleeping weather here at night with the occassional thunderstorm and let me tell you, the sleep has been much needed.

Yesterday at the quilt shop we were crazy busy. We are in the middle of a Shop Hop and with a kinda sorta break in the weather, a bunch of you ladies came out to see us which we appreciate greatly. It's been nice to catch up on tales with old friends and make some new friends in the process. We have been able to see some awesome show and tell lately and let me be the first to say "Keep it coming!".

Today we held a party for my Aunt's 60th birthday. The weather held out, many people were able to come, and we had way too much food (as usual). It went very well and I'm glad we made her day as special as it could have been.

Now that all that is done and over with and before I have to be back at work tomorrow, tonite the Hubbin and I are going to crash, watch some TV and relax. Busy weekends are good to keep me out of trouble, but once Monday morning rolls around, I know trouble will have no problem finding me. I'm going to be quilting a few projects this week, I'll keep you updated on how they turn out.

Have a great rest of the weekend and relax, you deserve it! Monday will be here before you know it!

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