And they're off!

The quilting machine that is! I truly honestly forgot how much fun it is to quilt (that is when it's going good) but I also forgot how physical of a process it is. You really do not realize how involved it is or how many muscles you use doing it until you REALLY feel it. Or it could just be that it's reminding me how out of shape I am - nah, that couldn't be it!

I attempted to quilt three projects on Tuesday within a very short window of time. (error #1) And then I still had to do a final press on all of them before each one was loaded onto the machine. (error #2) Also, I changed threads, top and bottom, for each quilt. No two quilts used the same color in them at all, and I forgot how much time that took. (error #3)

But aside from those small things I seem to usually forget about when my Wonder Woman persona comes into play - you know those days when you get up and have a to do list that's a mile long and think you're going to get it all done and then some - HAHAHAHA - I should know better, really. I couldn't finish the biggest project, the quilt, and I had to call it quilts for the day. It was over half done, only had a little bit left to go, but I was done. I was physically exhausted and I had a husband at home wanting some dinner soon, so we left it til tomorrow.

My one job is just down the road so once I got off of work yesterday, no biggie, we went and finished it and I LOVE IT!!! I'm giving this one as a gift, and I really hope she'll like it. This is just a shot of the back that I added this little pieced stripe into with a label already in it (my good thought for that day). I will show you the front soon, it needs to get trimmed, a couple threads need to be buried, and it needs the binding added. Then I can take pictures and send it to the printers - and then you can see the front. I hope you'll like it too! It's a brighter quilt, some of the fabrics used on the front are in the pieced stripe on the back. Be on the lookout for the preview of Candy-Coated Dreams in the near future.

You remember this one I showed you a couple weeks ago? This was the latest version of the Charmed Living Runner, now it's all quilted. I just free handed this puppy (as I do with all of mine that I quilt) I added some loops and the occasional holly leaf every so often. I tried to get a close up of the quilting detail so you could see it, but you'll have to look closely (If you click on the pictures, it should enlarge them). I used a Signature Variegated Thread called Woodlands. It has a little red, tan, and black in it that worked really well with the fabrics I chose. This runner will be for sale at the Wildwood Quilt Guild's Annual Show this November so if you're in the Mentor area, stop in at the Senior Center on the 7th and take a look at all of the wonderful quilts on display. We also have a quilt that will be raffled, other quilted items for sale (like the runner) and about 15 vendors selling all kinds of goodies as well. Stop on out and see us, this quilt could be yours!

Well, now that I have quilted these projects, they are in need of binding that I'm wishing the binding fairy would show up and take care of, but I hear she's off duty this week. Figures. I guess that means I know what I'm tackling today, and tomorrow, and the next day, but I enjoy it so it'll be fine.

As mentioned before, I will be working on releasing the pattern to Candy-Coated Dreams in the near future as well as working an another Moda Bake Shop project. Stay tuned in for that too! Well, this day has to get started at some point and I'm thinking there's no better time than the present. Tata!


  1. Whether or not you meant to say "call it *quilts* for the day" it surely says what you mean. *S*

    I think you've coined a new phrase.

  2. If you are ever truely in need - I AM the "binding fairy"... I love the hand sewing and can show you some of the work I have done. I can usually get things done in a day or two if need be! Just drop me a line and we can "needle up"! LOL

  3. Just stopping in to tell you I have a giveaway going on that you might want to check out. Free layer cake of your choice....I'd love to have you stop by...smile!


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